Advanced 22nm FPGAs for 100G Networking, Optical/Telecom, High Performance Computing (HPC), and Test & Measurement which are 100% manufactured within the United States.

Ultra High Density Packaging, and Die Harvesting capabilities.

High Reliability QPL approved RadHard IC’s, Digital and Mixed-Signal ASICs, Motion Control Solutions, Rad Test Services & IP Cores.

High Reliability QPL approved RF & Power Magnetics.  Build-to-print and Build-to-spec Magnetics.

High Reliability Rectifiers, Switching diodes, Zener diodes, Temperature compensated zeners, Current regulators, Transient voltage suppressors, Silicon controlled rectifiers, Small signal and power transistors.

High Reliability Thermoelectric Coolers (TECs) for Aerospace & Defense applications.

High Reliability and Radiation tolerant Microelectronic & Optoelectronic solutions.

Specialty electronic components for Aerospace and Defense applications.  Solutions range from bare die and wafer processing to custom packaging and component modifications.

High-performance, High-density intelligent access and High-speed serial interface technology.  Bandwidth Engines deliver density, performance, power savings and reduced cost.

High Reliability, QPL approved Ceramic Capacitors for Aerospace & Defense, and Down-hole applications.  Standard & Custom solutions for the most demanding applications.

High Reliability, QPL approved Crystal Oscillators including TCXO’s, VCXO’s, OCXO’s and MCXO’s.

Quality Custom Hermetic Packages for RF/Microwave, F/O, Power Hybrid, Headers, Optical Windows & Connector Feedthroughs.

High Reliability, QPL approved Thick and Thin Film Chip Resistors with the best delivery in the industry.

High Reliability, high power and high voltage semiconductors and electronic systems for Aerospace & Defense applications which can be screened for the most demanding applications.

Advanced Test Services and Sustained Manufacturing for EOL products.

High Quality, quick-turn RF & Microwave Filters from 0.1 Hz to 40+ GHz with the best delivery in the industry.  Band pass, band rejection, high pass, low pass, high power low pass & cavity designs.  Standard, high current & high frequency Bias Tees.

High Reliability, QPL approved DC-DC Converters and EMI Filter Accessories for Aerospace & Defense applications.  Military and Space hybrids, and Hi-Rel COTS modules.  Industry leading power density, technical support and delivery.